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Extra large and small piano hinges and the range of application

Not only as the saying goes: "The piano is where you will find the piano hinge", it is also named the continuous, tape or strap hinge. The larger, stronger format is called "heavy duty" or "heavy gauge" continuous and hood or bonnet hinge.

This classical niche product is applied in a variety of industries, so it is probably already used in your production.
The scope of application and usage varies widely from the wood working furniture industry through to vending and charging machines to the vehicle and automotive industry.

As different as the many industries and fields for applications are – their principals are always the same:
  • piano hinges are easily to install
  • piano hinges are of low cost
  • piano hinges are practically indestructable
  • piano hinges allow flexible and simple constructions
Who has not found an old wardrobe in the cellar once? The cabinet shows all signs of heavy usage and wear-and-tear, even the look may be distressed, but the hinge is still doing its job.

Other kinds of hinges give up after a period of lets say 10 years and have to be replaced – but not a continuous piano hinge.

Primarily our continuous hinges come into operation in the following manufacturing divisions:
Manufacturers of vending machines, such as specialised machinery for catering and food sectors are using mostly our individual or special hinges, for use in coffee machines, automatic vendors, cigarette seller / machines and retailers.

In particular, producers of cooling units and counter systems approach our special hinges in stainless steel grade AISI 316.
The classical makers of gambling machines are also using our products in, for example, their slot machines, pokies or pin-ball machines.

Especially in sensitive areas, where there is a high level of security needed, we manufacture heavy duty hinges (often with a welded pin) to avoid any unauthorized access, therefore maintaining the upmost security.
Due to their receptivity, manufacturers of lockers, lockboxes, safe deposit boxes such as security containers or safes come back to our proven security hinges.

There were packagings of every days commodities our piano hinges supply their service – mostly as small or butt hinges. Talking about secure carriage of tools we supply manufacturers of the following items: tool kits, tool boxes, tool cases, flight cases, wooden boxes for tooling or tool cabinets. In short - everywhere where things have to carry high loads.

If you are manufacturer of gates, fences, trunks, especially flight cases, cabinets or any type of bins for industry or handcraft or you are just looking for a fastener – we are ready to assist you in order to find the right solution.
Also we count customers in the region of electro industry such as makers of switchboards, control box or electrical cabinets. Nowadays we receive more and more enquiries for special metal cabinets and boxes in stainless steel which guarantees a high durability of their articles.

In the car industry sector, hinges are mostly assembled in motor-vehicle bodies such as: service cart, fire engine, ambulance, food and catering truck or snack wagon.
We manufacture for you individual piano hinge solutions in case you are an automotive fitter, i.e. auto or motor buses. As per their special equipment there are used special hinges for the interior and exterior facilities.
Manufacturers of tractors, campers, trailers and motor homes (travel van, caravan), such as horse trailers mostly decide to use stainless steel hinges, zinc plated or powder coated steel which prevents the hinges from rusting.
Our clients coming from the nautics need continuous hinges with an extremely high mechanical capacity. For this destination we supply piano hinges made of stainless steel in several grades 304, 316 and BS 320 which - as per the seawater resistance - is used i.e. for trim flaps.

Our customer is i.e. the technical ship chandler, dockyard or shipyard.
They assemble our hinges mainly on almost any kind of ships and boats, such as i.e. coasters, passenger liners, sailing boats, motorboats, yachts. Also the private boats craftsmen can get our hinges to fix his boat chest, as long the order value is over EUR 50. Otherwise we can name corresponding hardware dealers.

A special area where our heavy duty hinges go in is the rail- or train car industry. These items are supplied in plain or galvanised steel or stainless steel. Therefore today you will find in the most railway cars our hinges.
In the sector of exhibition / booth stand construction, aircraft interior equipment as well as store construction mostly light weight aluminium hinges are assembled.

Cabinet and fastener dealers, especially get hinges in coils / rolls or lengths with DIY hanger and screw bag. If required with individual barcode label including you own logo. You surely have seen our products in a do-it-yourself or hardware store?

Our second production area is the plating of cold rolled steel.
All over the world items of daily commodities are stamped out from brass, nickel or statuary bronzed materials. Carpet connectors / rails, curtain rails, makers of paint brushes (cramps or clamps), suitcase locks, disposable lighters or any other decorative items, everywhere you find our pre-plated materials.
Further to this we offer you our bookcase stips / VARI strip, wardrobe tubes.

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Hinges finish / surface

Steel and preplated steel
Grade: DC01 C290

  • plain steel
  • nickel plated
  • brass plated
  • florentine / statuary bronzed
  • zinc plated 

Stainless steel
Grade: AISI 304 & AISI 316

  • 3 D - highly brilliant
  • 3 C - mat finish 

Grade: AlMg3

  • natural bright
  • anodized

Solid brass
Grade: CuZn37

  • bright (pre polished)
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