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Piano hinge: Saltwater proofed for the naval, marine and shipbuilding industry

Are you looking for a special stainless steel grade which especially has been developed for the nautical / marine industry? We are happy to offer to you absolutely salt waterproof piano hinges & hardware laser cut parts. AISI (ASTM) 316 and AISI (ASTM) 320 which are the British standards BS 316 and BS 320 are non oxidising and unmagnetic.

This never rusting sea water hinges are perfect to be welded on. Of course we can supply them with holes to be screwed on or to be riveted or as a special custom made hinge concerning your individual parameters. 

Anywhere you would like to adapt this corrosion proofed hinges, they are ready to be installed under water such as on a trim flap or in an acid bath.

Please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to assist you.

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Hinges finish / surface

Steel and preplated steel
Grade: DC01 C290

  • plain steel
  • nickel plated
  • brass plated
  • florentine / statuary bronzed
  • zinc plated 

Stainless steel
Grade: AISI 304 & AISI 316

  • 3 D - highly brilliant
  • 3 C - mat finish 

Grade: AlMg3

  • natural bright
  • anodized

Solid brass
Grade: CuZn37

  • bright (pre polished)
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