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XXL piano hinges for Caravan, Motor homes and Food trucks
15.12.2021, It is essential to supply a light weight and rust proofed piano hinge for the catering truck, caravan and motorhome industry. Therefore we offer many types of piano hinges to fulfil this standard. Especially stainless steel and low weight aluminum read more»
Continuous piano hinges – Bookcase / vari strips & heavy load hinges Australia
14.12.2021, We are happy to answer all your questions in respect of our variety of products, such as hardware hinges, heavy load hinge, special made custom hinges, standard continuous piano hinges and bookcase / vari strip (shelf rails) as well as for electro plated cold read more»
Custom made hinges for vending machines, gambling and money counter machines
14.12.2021, Our personalised / customized special made continuous hinges for vending machines such as coffee machines or cash money counter systems and gaming machines or slot / fruit machines are available in a variety of conditioning. Whether with round or square read more»
Electro Plated / surface coated steel for decorative curtain rails and ferrules
07.09.2021, We are specialised in the manufacturing of brass and nickel plated metal strips which are used i.e. for the profiling café rods, curtain rods and flat brush holders (ferrules). Very thin materials, such as 0,35 mm and 0,40 mm material read more»
Extra leight weight aluminium hinges / light continuous piano hinges
12.02.2019, We manufacture for you: Light weight continuous piano hinges and heavy load hinges for flight cases, cargo boxes, welding constructions, apparatus and case engineering made from aluminium. Those super light aluminum hinges are applied where weight has to be saved read more»
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Franz Holz GmbH & Co. KG

Langenberger Str. 176
D-42551 Velbert (Germany)

P.O. Box 10 05 40
D-42505 Velbert (Germany)

Tel. ++49 (0)2051-2082-0
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Hinges finish / surface

Steel and preplated steel
Grade: DC01 C290

  • plain steel
  • nickel plated
  • brass plated
  • florentine / statuary bronzed
  • zinc plated 

Stainless steel
Grade: AISI 304 & AISI 316

  • 3 D - highly brilliant
  • 3 C - mat finish 

Grade: AlMg3

  • natural bright
  • anodized

Solid brass & plated brass
Grade: CuZn37

  • bright (pre polished)
  • nickel plated
  • florentine / statuary bronzed
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