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Stainless steel hinges for boats and yachts
10/31/2023, We are pleased to offer you individual boat or yacht hinges manufactured according to your specifications. Precision and a high-gloss surface finish make these boat hinges a building block of high-quality yachts. Whether a classic stainless steel made of grade 4301 (AISI 304) or a grade 4404 (AISI 316) with special resistance to salt water in a nobly highly polished read more»
Continuous and special custom made piano hinges in England and Ireland
1/18/2023, Piano hinges / continental hinges and heavy weight hinges directly from the manufacturer supplied to the UK and Ireland in material thicknesses of 0,70 mm up to 3,00 mm. Avaiblable in many sizes from narrow to wide and a variety of finishes such as electro brassed steel, nickel and florentine/staturary bronzed plated, aluminium and solid brass or ofcourse outdoor stainless read more»
Standard - special - custom made continuous piano hinges
1/18/2023, We manufacture the a high quality continuous piano hinge (continental hinge / strap hinge / tape hinge) in a variety of sizes and finishes. We offer them in drilled or without holes to be rivetted - or as  custom made hinges especially made for your induvidual purpose. A piano hinge was originally developed to be applied on pianos. Over the years they became more read more»
Continuous piano hinges for DIY do it yourself stores
9/13/2022, The packing of the continuous piano hinge for self-service divisions have been developed to provide DIY and hardware retailers. They come with pvc hanger / clip, screws in polybag and your induvidual bar code label. We of course supply piano hinges in bulk, available in various cut lengths in bulk quantity packs.            This is what we can read more»
Custom made hinge for vending machines, gambling and money counter machines
9/12/2022, Our personalised / customized special made continuous hinges for vending machines such as coffee machines or cash money counter systems and gaming machines or slot / fruit machines are available in a variety of conditioning. Whether with round or square notch or do you need long or oval holes to adjust the hinge? Very characteristic for vending machine apparatus engineering, read more»
XXL continuous piano hinges for Caravan, Motor homes and Food trucks
6/22/2022, It is essential to supply a light weight and rust proofed piano hinge for the catering truck, caravan and motorhome industry. Therefore we offer many types of piano hinges to fulfil this standard. Especially stainless steel and low weight aluminum piano hinges are favoured by the manufacturers of caravans and snack vans or food trucks. A further important destination is read more»
Continuous piano hinges – Bookcase / vari strips & heavy load hinges Australia
12/14/2021, We are happy to answer all your questions in respect of our variety of products, such as hardware hinges, heavy load hinge, special made custom hinges, standard continuous piano hinges and bookcase / vari strip (shelf rails) as well as for electro plated cold rolled steel strips. As we are manufacturer our company is not structured to supply the retail market, so if you are a read more»
Electro Plated / surface coated steel for decorative curtain rails and ferrules
9/7/2021, We are specialised in the manufacturing of brass and nickel plated metal strips which are used i.e. for the profiling café rods, curtain rods and flat brush holders (ferrules). Very thin materials, such as 0,35 mm and 0,40 mm material thickness is typical for this decorative tubes and rails. Ofcourse we supply other material gauges up to 1,25 mm. - read more»
Extra leight weight aluminium hinges / light continuous piano hinges
2/12/2019, We manufacture for you: Light weight continuous piano hinges and heavy load hinges for flight cases, cargo boxes, welding constructions, apparatus and case engineering made from aluminium. Those super light aluminum hinges are applied where weight has to be saved and nevertheless stability is needed. Apart from your standard size range we are happy to construct custom made hinges concerning read more»
Electro plated steel strips with strippable foil
1/5/2019, In order to protect the surface when processing the material we can supply our plated material with a strippable foil on the upper side, which is available in clear-transparent or blue-transparent.read more»
Extra large and small piano hinges and the range of application
11/11/2018, Not only as the saying goes: "The piano is where you will find the piano hinge", it is also named the continuous, tape or strap hinge. The larger, stronger format is called "heavy duty" or "heavy gauge" continuous and hood or bonnet hinge. This classical niche product is applied in a variety of industries, so it is probably already used read more»
Cercasi agente / rappresentante per cerniere / prodotti metallici per Italia
6/5/2018, Siccome vogliamo espandere le nostre attivi in Italia, cerchiamo un rappresentante (di preferenza dell’ambiente industria metallo) con decorrenza immediata per il mercato italiano. Siamo produttori di cerniere, nastri laminati a freddo ingentiliti, altri prodotti metallici e abbiamo tanti anni di esperienza nell’export. Cerniere a metro / cerniere - pianoforte cerniere per carichi pesanti / cerniere per cofano mensole di supporto / supporti per scaffali cerniere per cassettine   Non si read more»
Small and light Cigar and Jewellery box hinges / lightweight hinges
5/5/2018, Our mini hinge or small piano hinge are mainly used in cigar and jewellery box as well as small wooden boxes for tools and instruments. A perfect surface, manufactured in our own plant is imcomparable to far east manufacturers! We make it polished - not dull !  You can get them in: highly billiant brass plated steel with a clear baked read more»
High capacitiy: Heavy load / weight continuous piano hinge for industry purposes
5/2/2018, We manufacture premium high capacity heavy gauge continuous and special piano hinges for the industry needs. Initially they have been used as hood or bonnet hinge. This continuous hinges are our most rugged types of our production range. No matter if you need an aluminium hinge, stainless steel hinge or other materials. We do our best to fulfill your requirements.   They read more»
Powder coated piano hinges
4/23/2018, Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free flowing, dry powder.  The main difference between conventional liquid painted and powder coated continuous piano hinges is that the powder coating does create a hard finish that is toughter than conventional paint. This conditioning is to protect the hinges against rust and provides an attractive apperance over years. The coating read more»
Florentine / Statuary bronzed cold rolled steel strips
3/10/2018, This finish is based on a copper plated which is oxydised to get its classical surfache. Our bronzed materials give you accuracy of strips and plating. This hoop steel band is particulary recommended for the production of decorative articles. This finish will give your product a marvelous surface shining from brown over blue to a dark-copper effect. Florentine / Statuary bronzed read more»
Acid proofed hinges – The solution are Titanium hinges / Stainless steel hinges
2/21/2018, Recently we got enquiries for acid resisting piano hinges. In addition to our standard raw materials such as plain steel, stainless steel AISI 304, solid brass and aluminum we are able to manufacture a titanium hinge and stainless steel hinge in quality AISI 316 as standard or special made hinge . Please send usyour enquiry!read more»
Plated electro brassed / surface coated cold rolled strapping band steel strips
12/6/2017, BRASS, NICKEL or BRONZED  ( statuary or florentine ) we can ! Improve your value-added chain by using electro pre-plated cold rolled steel strips. By use of pre-coated steel an additional piece refining is dropped. So you save the high forwarding cost to a plating plant. The pieces you manufacture are coming out directly finished. Our electro brass plated narrow cold rolled read more»
Continuous piano hinges US style
12/5/2017, Continuous piano hinges especially developed for countries in which the inch measure system is common are available in material thickness of .040" and .049" and in several finishes. Of course we can set up a  custom made hinge concerning your induvidual needs. As our latest innovation we are happy to present our  powder coated finish, which are available in many different colours. Steel: read more»
Continuous piano hinges & bookcase strips in the UK (United Kingdom) & Ireland
12/3/2017, Miles Guillon took over the representation for hardware and continuous piano hinges for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Ireland from his father Terry in 1997. Due to his engagement and his specialised knowledge he can directly advise you with any enquiry on the spot. Please forward your enquiries for continuous piano hinges, heavy load hinges, custom made piano hinges, bookcase read more»
Lightweight hinges for flight case and cargo boxes / storage and carrier box
12/2/2017, Based on our continuous- and heavy duty hinges we produce standard and customer made hinges for light flight box and cargo & carrier boxes manufacturers or their system suppliers. Made from super light aluminium, zinc (galvanized) plated or stainless steel, we secure highest standards manufactured concerning your individual sample or blueprint. Please feel free to contact Peter Huppertsberg for Germany read more»
Piano hinge: Saltwater proofed for the naval, marine and shipbuilding industry
12/2/2017, Are you looking for a special stainless steel grade which especially has been developed for the nautical / marine industry? We are happy to offer to you absolutely salt waterproof piano hinges & hardware laser cut parts. AISI (ASTM) 316 and AISI (ASTM) 320 which are the British standards BS 316 and BS 320 are non oxidising and unmagnetic. This never read more»
Buy continuous piano hinges, bookcase shelf strips in Saudi Arabia, Dubai - UAE
12/1/2017, We are glad to present to you your contact address for the Arabian countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE ( Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujaira, Ras Al Khaima, Sharjah and Umm Al Qwain ), Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. Mr. Schäfer is very familiar with our continuous piano hinges, bookcase / vari strips, and he is happy to assist you read more»
Continuous piano hinges for lockboxes / lockers / security deposit box
11/30/2017, Essential for the safe storage of valuable articles is the placing of precise and high quality manufactured fittings. For you as manufacturer of safe deposit boxes we produce high grade heavy load hinges which ensure security and persistence. Whether undrilled (to weld on), with rivet or countersunk holing, special made perforation – like oval holes, or angulated / bended flaps, read more»
Material for carpet profiles and rails covered with a protective strippable foil
7/6/2017, Our brass and nickel plated steel is used i.e. for the manufacturing of carpet connectors / profiles for carpets in order to create a fluent passage from room to room, such as for curtain rails and brush ferrules / brush clamps. In order to avoid a scratches or marks during the profiling we bring on a clear- transparent or bluish-transparent read more»
hinge - Range of application
6/12/2017,   pianos furniture vending machines canteen and cafeteria machines coffee machines fruit, gambling, gaming, slot & pin ball machines cigarette machines tool boxes, tool cases wooden boxes suitcases & cases for industry stock device switch boards, control cabinets safes, security containers lockboxes, lockers, safe deposit boxes sewing boxes wooden boxes for tools & service boxes for maintenance tool cabinets aerospace read more»
South Africa - Piano hinges - Heavy duty gauge hinges - Continuous piano hinge
6/1/2017, Our partner in S.A. is happy to supply a varity of continous piano hinges and heavy duty hinges in serveral sizes and finishes such as brass and nickel plated and plain / bright steel, stainless steel, aluminium and solid brass. F.F.M. (Pty) Ltd was formed in 1976 as a joint venture between Franz-Holz and their South African Agents, Wilson & Kennedy, with Franz Holz supplying the first automatic piano machine. FFM has subsequently acquired from Holz a heavy-duty piano hinge automatic, plus coilers and slitter. Where ever you are located - Capetown, Jo-burg or Durban  - read more»
Continuous hinges and plated steel in the Benelux countries
5/3/2017, Also in the Benelux countries you will find the established quality piano hinges of Franz Holz. For more than 4 decades now, GRAVES BOUWBESLAG and us are working as a team. On 1st. January 2009 the long-standing employee Wim Stamm, who is most familiar to the hardware business, took over the consolidated companies GRAVES / RURO. His 20 employees are highly motivated and are distinguished in their excellent read more»
Our piano hinges can be found all over the world
4/4/2017, For more than 70 years we are happy to supply our cabinet continuous piano hinges, heavy duty hinges, furniture fittings and metallic electro plated steel to our customers all over the world. Today we are glad to count our regular customers in around 50 countries . Wheather you are located from Australia to New Zealand, in many countries of Asia, such as China, Taiwan read more»
Save and dry packing
3/20/2017, To ensure that your goods will arrive at your premises in the best condition, we ensure the upmost care and a packing standard of the highest quality. Our products will always be wrapped in waterproofed dehydrating gas papers before being packed between two wooden lathes, in strong carton boxes or in seaworthy wooden boxes. Our modern cargo area ensures careful and dry loading into trucks or containers.read more»
Danmark: Klaverhængsler, karrosserihængsler, møbelhængsler og speziell gångjärn
1/14/2010, Også i Danmark er Franz Holz GmbH repræsenteret med sit store sortiment af hængsler. De kan venligst henvende Dem til vores mangeårige agenturpartner C.J.Holm af 1887, Hellerup/København, der som ekspert i hængsler giver Dem alle ønskede oplysninger og tilbud -- I 60 år været leverandør for det danske marked. Om det drejer sig om klaverhængsler , karrosserihængsler eller specialhængsler, formessingede read more»
Strong stainless steel continuous piano hinges – wide and heavy gauge / duty
1/3/2010, For you we manufacture extra wide, strong and heavy duty continuous piano hinges made from stainless steel. Not rusting hinges are suit perfectly to be applied at places where corrosion is a sensitive issue. If acid proofed or seawater resistant, we supply a qualified material to you. Depending on the end use we recommend the following stainless steel grades: Grade: read more»
3/27/2009, We have been represented in Greece for many years through Mrs. Eva Diamantopoulos. She will be happy to answer all your questions in respect of continuous piano hinges, heavy gauge hinges, bookcase strips, as well as for preplated cold rolled steel. Eva Diamantopoulos Epsilon Delta Co. P.O.B. 77328 17510 Pal. Faliron / Athen Greece Tel.:         ++30 (0)210-9823235 Fax.:        ++30 (0)210-9841935 E-mail:      edelta@hol.gr read more»
Special and standard continuous piano hinges in Denmark
3/10/2009, Also in Denmark you find us represented. Federik Kortbæk is also your contact person for Sweden and Finland.    Please forward your inquiries to: Frederik Kortbæk CJ Holm Tom Kristensens Vej 6, 216 DK - 2900 Kopenhagen Dänemark Mobil:     ++ 45 (0) 2625 4550 E-Mail:   postkasse@cjholm1887.dk Internet: Danmark - Klaverhængsler, karrosserihængsler, møbelhængsler read more»
Electro nickel plated cold rolled steel strip
3/9/2009, Through a thermal treatment the nickel coat generates a permanent connection with the base material.  Concerning the specifications of function and corrosion a constant nickel coat ensures corrosion protection. The composite of steel and nickel remains as per its homogeneity after forming. This finish gives you excellent manufacturing characteristics. With nickel electroplated cold rolled steel gives you: optimal corrosion protection excellent shaping economic processing as read more»
Our hinge specialist for hinges and plated steel in Barcelona
3/9/2009, M.D. Arena learned the business in the cold rolled steel industry and was able to transact and expand the knowledge to the fitting industry. Please forward your queries for continuous piano hinge, heavy gauge and jewellery box hinges as well as plated steel and bookcase strips to: At the moment our Spanish representation is not available. Please contact us directly.   E-Mail: read more»
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Hinges finish / surface

Steel and preplated steel
Grade: DC01 C290

  • plain steel
  • nickel plated
  • brass plated
  • florentine / statuary bronzed
  • zinc plated 

Stainless steel
Grade: AISI 304 & AISI 316

  • 3 D - highly brilliant
  • 3 C - mat finish 

Grade: AlMg3

  • natural bright
  • anodized

Solid brass
Grade: CuZn37

  • bright (pre polished)
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