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Narrow and wide continuous hinge / Piano hinge


Pianohinges / continental hinges directly from the manufacturer in material thickness of 0,70 mm and 1,00 mm. Avaiblable in many sizes from narrow to wide and a variety of finishes such as electro brassed steel, nickel and florentine/staturary bronzed plated, aluminium and solid brass or as outdoor stainless steel piano hinge.

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Heavy load industrial hinge / Heavy duty gauge continuous piano hinges

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Heavy weight continuous industrial hinge (large and wide) for industry applications are our speciality. We are suppliers for steel, zinc plated steel, aluminum, solid brass and stainless steel hinges for outdoor and marine durability in many different dimensions.

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Continuous piano hinge - US type - non metric


We produce high quality continuous piano hinges in inches, which especially have been developed for countries where the inch system is common.

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Continuous piano hinges for DIY

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Continuous piano hinge for DIY (incl. hanger, screws and if needed with you individual bar code lable) are especially found in do-it-yourself stores, buliding centres as well as hardware stores.

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Light and small cigar and jewellery box hinges

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We offer you our smallest hinge.  The cigar and jewellery box hinge is available in a variety of sizes and finishes. They fit perfectly into i.e. small boxes.......

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Range of application

Our products are assembled in many different areas, such as furniture industry, naval architecture and automotive.

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Hinges finish / surface

Steel and preplated steel
Grade: DC01 C290

  • plain steel
  • nickel plated
  • brass plated
  • florentine / statuary bronzed
  • zinc plated 

Stainless steel
Grade: AISI 304 & AISI 316

  • 3 D - highly brilliant
  • 3 C - mat finish 

Grade: AlMg3

  • natural bright
  • anodized

Solid brass
Grade: CuZn37

  • bright (pre polished)
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